#1 Most Advanced Alkaline Battery*

Duracell Quantum Large
Duracell Quantum

Our Most Advanced Alkaline Battery*

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Introducing Duracell Quantum.  A revolutionary advancement in battery technology.  Combined with a Hi-Density Core™ and PowerCheck™, it’s a Quantum leap in battery power.  

  • Only battery with Hi-Density Core™ Technology for unbeatable long-lasting power
  • Only battery with PowerCheck™. Instantly check your power level at any time
  • Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology.  Guaranteed for 10 years in storage

Quantum batteries are ideal for use in many battery powered devices, including:

  • Portable Electronics
  • Wireless Mice
  • Toys
  • Remote controls
  • Flashlights
  • Calculators
  • Clocks and Radios
  • Keyboards and more

*Based on Hi-Density Core™ and PowerCheck™

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"Duracell Quantum The World's #1 Most Advanced Alkaline"
"Power In The Hands of the Most Powerful"


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